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Отсканируй и играй 

Быстрые платежи в SENET с помощью 


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Современные и быстрые платежи в вашем компьютерном клубе с помощью QR-кодов! 

Улучшите обслуживание клиентов и автоматизируйте бизнес оптимизировав процесс оплаты за игровые сессии

Зарегистрированные клиенты


Не нуждаются в помощи администратора и могут сесть за свободный ПК, оплатить игровое время через QR-код и начать игру

Новые клиенты


Могут отсканировать QR-код на стойке администратора и легко заплатить за игровое время через портал бронирования. 

Полная автоматизация компьютерного клуба благодаря платежным решениям с QR-кодами

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Никаких очередей и ожиданий 

Предложите посетителям быстро и безопасно оплачивать игровое время через QR-коды

3 простых шага 

Повысьте уровень процесса оплаты в вашем игровом заведении  без дополнительного оборудования, программного обеспечения или устройств для считывания карт

ШАГ 1: Отсканируй 

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Отсканируйте QR-код камерой смартфона    

ШАГ 2: Оплати

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Выберите удобный способ оплаты и подтвердите транзакцию  

ШАГ 3: Играй 

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Мгновенно получайте деньги на свой аккаунт и наслаждайтесь игрой   

Предоставьте своим посетителям возможность: 


Быстро оплачивать игровое время между сессиями! 

Платить за услуги бронирования с помощью QR-кода

SENET Software поддерживает

  • Why do I need QR Payment?
    Online payments via QR codes make the payment process for gaming time fast and reliable, removing the admin workload and preventing lines.
  • Should I pay for the integration tool?
    SENET charges a one-time fee to activate the online payment service with QR codes for your venue. SENET does not charge any transaction fees for your venue. However, your chosen payment service provider may charge a transaction fee.
  • How do I implement QR payments in my venue?
    Open an account in a payment service of your choice: Stripe, LiqPay, FreedomPay (Paybox), MoMo, or VNPAY (coming soon). Contact SENET support and provide data from your payment service account. The SENET team will set up the integration, and you will be able to use this service.
  • How are my visitors able to pay online/via QR code?
    Log in to Shell as a regular customer or employee. Click on the top-up button and choose the “Online” tab. Scan the QR code using a mobile device in the newly opened window. The QR code will direct users to a page where they need to enter an email address to register or authorize their Esports Account. After entering the email address, a link to authorize/register will be emailed to the player. If the email has already been used for registration, the link will direct the player to Esports Account. If the player hasn't registered before, completing the registration form must be completed after clicking the link. After registration, a personal Esports Account will open. The balance can be topped up by clicking on the gaming venue's name in the Esports Account. Check out our handy video guide below.
  • What payment system works best for me/my region?
    Contact SENET support and get a consultation. We will find out the best option for your region and esports venue. Also, you can check out the information below. Stripe countries: Australia, Austria Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland, France Germany, Ghana, Gibraltar, Greece Hong Kong, Hungary India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy Japan Kenya Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg Malaysia, Malta, Mexico Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway Poland, Portugal Romania Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland Thailand United Arab Emirates LiqPay countries: Ukraine. FreedomPay (Paybox) countries: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. MoMo countries: Vietnam. *Coming soon. VNPAY countries: Vietnam.
  • I don’t see the payment system needed on the list. What should I do to get an installation?
    Contact SENET support and tell us which payment system you are interested in, and we will take care of the issue.
  • What is the best practice for QR code placement?
    The best place to set up QR codes is at the venue admin desk, as well as near each PC and console. Keep in mind that QR Codes for gaming time payments will also be displayed in the SENET system when the player selects the online payment option.
  • Will this work for all users or only for registered users?
    Registered visitors don't need admin assistance and can occupy a free PC, pay for the game via a QR code, and play. New visitors can occupy a free PC, complete the registration process to create their Esports Account at SENET, and quickly pay for gaming time via QR Code. Or they can scan a QR code at the admin desk and easily pay for gaming time through the booking portal.

Хотите знать больше?

Читайте детальные гайды в нашем Zendesk и внедряйте лучшие решения по автоматизации управления компьютерными клубами вместе с SENET. 

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