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LAN center software to automate all business processes

  • Trusted by 1015 clients

  • Used in 82 countries of the world

Stay in control
Provide best customer experience

Manage computers via cloud

With SENET gaming center software, you have complete access to all PCs and gaming consoles while restricting customers only to necessary applications.

  • Control PCs and consoles anytime anywhere

  • Block Windows on client PCs

  • Update all PCs fast and at once

  • Zone the venue and charge at different rates

Track all venue operations

SENET automatically creates financial reports and collects data on customer activities. Use this stats for marketing, double-

  • Watch daily cash flow in real time

  • Generate X and Z-reports

  • Analyze visitor profiles and venue occupancy

  • Use Open API to integrate SENET with Power BI, Salesforce etc


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